"I invite you to let go of fear and choose love of self, love of learning and growing out of old mental patterns and behaviors to shift your life and uplift your true self.  You are worthy and deserving to shine brightly!" - Whitney 


Want to feel lighter, calmer and be a lover of life?  Then make the positive shift to lift your mood and life by joining today!


Remember, no effort that we make to attain something beautiful is ever lost.

-   Helen Keller



Your membership empowers your transformation to health, happiness calm & contentment.  Each month you will have access to:



 A masterclass that is specifically designed to help you maintain flexibility, postural alignment, range of motion and promote a healthy spine and lower back.  This calming class is a breath-focused, all-levels (chairs too), ageless yoga class.  This will not be your typical fast-paced yoga class at your local fitness center or studio.  Life moves fast enough give yourself the opportunity to breathe and be fully present in the moment.


An in-depth exploration of the chakra system and how these 7 wheels of energy can benefit your health.  You will learn mental, physical and meditational practices to activate a new chakra each month. 


Monthly Intentions are tools for your toolbox in life that can be applied throughout your day - no extra time needed.  Learn simple techniques to shift from fear to a more compassionate mentality towards yourself, life and others. 


Gain access to exclusive members-only information on the why’s and how’s of healthier ways to nourish the body.  Learn useful tips on beginning a plant-based diet that is rich in nutrients, giving a healthy heart, lower blood pressure, controlling diabetes and prevention of cancer.  All of our recipes for health are approved by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. 

Print out healthy and tasty recipe cards monthly!


Incorporate positive psychology into your life. The mind/body connection is very powerful in prevention of disease.  Disease begins in the mind and physically manifests into the body.  Each month learn new ways your mind can be your ally in life.  Applying these techniques will assist your transformation with behavior modification and reducing psychological aging.



These are once a month personal challenges for you to cultivate positive compassion of our actions towards self, others, and your practical way of living yoga.

This is a very powerful way to integrate the teachings into your daily life.

These are offers as a "seed" of your self-transformation that will grow within you through your lifetime.


Enrich your mind, expand your perceptions, and have fun, through a fun photography guessing game.

Each month, an abstract photo will be featured on the website to our members.

I encourage you to think outside the box, and reflect on its beauty and emotion as you try and identify the objects featured here. 


Each month you will learn fresh ways to incorporate self-care, meditation, guided relaxation into your daily life combatting stress and pressure and feel refreshed and pleasurable.   



You will also gain access to monthly morning & evening mantras, journaling prompts and other ways of living a healthy and happy life!




Investment is only $20 per year - you are worthy & deserving! 



Hear What People Are Saying

"Coach Whitney brings so much to our program! 

With her leadership, the players are introduced to Yoga! 

With great knowledge and a compassionate and caring attitude, Coach Whitney takes our players to an inner journey where they learn a lot about themselves. The lessons our players learn under Coach Whitney’s guidance, will help them throughout their lives.”

Thanks for all you do Whitney.

Cid Carvalho
Head Coach Women's Tennis 
Winthrop University
Winner of 21 Big South Conference Championships


"Whitney influences as our yoga instructor-

Physically she has built more flexibility in my players, improved their balance while increasing their strength and help them recovery from muscle pain.  Mentally Whitney has given them a more positive attitude about life and taught them to look at situations on and off the course differently.  She has taught them breathing techniques to improve performance and given them the ability to meditate with ease while growing a love for yoga and themselves!"

Jodi K. Wendt
Head Coach Women’s Golf 2006-2019

Winthrop University  
Class A LPGA


Whitney has been a part of the Rebound Behavioral Health staff for the past 4 years. The patients look forward to the 60-minute class two times a week on a consistent basis. With most patients never having the ability to attend yoga classes on their own, her class gives them validation that recovery can be achieved through a holistic approach.  Whitney provides adaptations to fit each patient’s physical needs, which makes her class welcoming and comfortable for all. These yoga classes have been proven to increase mood and self-esteem, as well as decreasing anxiety and worry. Our partial hospitalization program would not be complete without these yoga classes.  Below are personal quotes patients have provided:


“I am consistently impressed and inspired by the program Whitney has provided. The impact she has had on my life is transforming. Her ability to cover all aspects of human nature and mindfulness is quite astonishing. I will keep it all with me as I continue on my journey.”


“I have gained so much from yoga here. Whitney does a fantastic job balancing the need for calming poses, to release anxiety, and poses designed for emotional release. She does a wonderful job leading thoughtful meditation and has converted many who were once weary of yoga. It has been a pleasure sharing her practice.”

“As a Recreational Therapist, I have been lucky enough to work alongside Whitney Carter for the past 4 years at Rebound Behavioral Health. Whitney conducts 5 weekly yoga sessions for our in­patient substance abuse and psychiatric patient population.

Whitney is consistently prompt, organized and always well prepared for each session despite the volatile, and often unpredictable, environment of behavioral health. Her classes run smoothly, with focus and patience, a clear reflection of her experience as a yoga instructor. Whitney's enjoyment of the practice of yoga is apparent in her instruction. She makes things fresh and fun for our patients in a natural manner that inspires them to achieve the spiritual and physical benefits of her yoga session. She is clear in her instructions, giving individual attention and support when needed, to accommodate the varied levels of practice. She connects with our patients while offering a balanced, safe and achievable sequence that allows them a full yoga experience despite being institutionalized.

Whitney is an enthusiastic and supportive instructor while maintaining a professionalism appropriate to the behavioral health field. She is the most humble, genuine, loving and dedicated yoga practitioner that I have met in my 2 2 years of being a Recreational Therapist.

Whitney is one of those rare people you will meet in life that you will never forget. I know that the yoga sessions that she provides to our patients is an unforgettable yoga experience for each and every one.”

Allison Marshall, CTRS
Rebound Behavioral Health
Certified Therapeutic Recreation Therapist